Beavers Gallery

Building dens in Sheen common

The Beavers had a lovely time gathering sticks and building dens in Sheen common.

Pacific Colony’s visit to Richmond Fire station

The Beavers got to experience what it is like to be a Fireman, even getting to use the hose!

New Year Party

10 beavers attended the new years party and had great fun!

They practised circus skills, made puppets and played games.

Beavers Hike


On 25th April, the beavers learnt about Fair trade products and made water filters with Jen another leader in the District.

Martyn’s Bee Visit

Martyn and the bees visit the Beavers. The beavers learnt about how the bees make honey, and tasted different types of honey, including the honey that Martin’s bees make!

Faith Badge

Air Activities badge day

Holly Lodge Trip

Pacific Colony had a visit in May 2022, from Alan, another Scout Leader who keeps reptiles!